Aspiring Global Union.

Vasanth Kumar Nagulakonda
4 min readApr 30, 2019


Aspiring Global Union for The Flat World. Establishing Eternal Peace on Our Planet will be possible with The Global Union. Modern technology has brought all classes of people in the world together, making them collaborate in achieving even the daunted tasks for our Humans in the past. So let us All share our views below on how we All can start living in Global Union where we All Humans are Equal and United like our family members. The significant advantage of The Global Union is saving Our Planet from annihilation by possible wars in case we are divided, and instead, divert All Nations’ defence budgets to improve All our Humans’ living standards. I wish to achieve this goal by 2022, making people worldwide visit/study/work/settle in any member Nation of The Global Union. I want Russia, China, the European Union, and The United States of America to join hands in realising this cherished dream of our ancestors. We, Indians, already believe the Earth is our Earthly Family saying “Vasudhaika Kutumbam”. We even say “Sarve Jana Sukhinobhavantu”, meaning Let All people live happily. I said, “Sarva Jeeva Koti Sukhinobhavantu”, pointing Let All living beings live happily. No discrimination.

Meanwhile, let me share my expectations from Global Union:

  • Global Union Bank. Electronic Euro, The Global Currency. No paper currency and only electronic money. No physical branches and ATMs. A highly secure distributed supercomputer, managed by IT specialists, to handle all transactions of people worldwide. The Tax Department will be another Global Union Bank Account operated by its member Nation. The tax deduction will happen at the destination with intelligent algorithms in the continuous redistribution of wealth among members of The Global Union. The e-wallet of every Global Citizen will be secured by their unique DNA, thus bringing financial fraud to zero.
  • Global Security Agency. A global protection force aimed at protecting law and order on Our Planet with the help of advanced technology used to build the military. This Agency should be able to track everybody on Earth without violating their rights to prevent crimes from happening. If a crime ever happens, All the involved will be brought to Global Union Justice Department with a local office, and Justice is immediately imparted to the victims. We can use DNA upgrades to reduce mental gaps among people and make them start loving each other to make Our Planet into A Lover’s Paradise. Mobile phones, cellular networks, power networks, and remote satellites can jam negative thoughts frequencies among the public, thus creating a happy and healthy society.
  • Immigration and Travel. This Department must be entirely automated by every member Nation of The Global Union with its own set of rules for immigrants and visitors. Every Global Citizen can apply online to a member Nation for a visa/residence to visit/study/work/settle in the member Nation. This online application can be processed without any bias by a supercomputer which can access the entire global data of the applicant from one’s previous residences and take a final decision of approval/rejection/pending status of the application. So with such automation in place, one can fly to any member Nation depending on the approval of one’s online immigrant/ non-immigrant visa application.
  • Education and Research. Every Global Citizen must be given free primary education. Specialised courses must be offered by the Universities for a fee with their eligibility requirements for each class. Reuse must be encouraged in Research across the Globe, thus saving Time and Material for humanity. New Brain-Computer Interface implants can illuminate people with a global wealth of common-purpose knowledge and even filter harmful emotions/thought waves from one’s brain, preventing them from committing crimes and thus protecting society. These kinds of implants can also bring down the mental gaps among people.
  • Big and Small Businesses. In exceptional cases, all businesses are governed and operated within the rules of The Global Union and the local body. They will pay taxes to The Global Union as per their transactions worldwide via Global Union Bank. All legal issues of one’s business will be handled by a single Commerce Department of The Global Union, which will have offices worldwide. Such a single-window department will bring down the delays in settling disputes. In addition, an expert team of legal specialists must be formed to develop new laws for the government, its people, and businesses.
  • Infrastructure and Information. We are now in the Information Age, where Knowledge is Power. We have the technology to manufacture anything anywhere. Let us leverage this technological innovation in the continuous improvement of The Infrastructure and Information across The Planet, thus providing quality life to everyone equally, irrespective of their geographic location.
  • Humans First. Everybody must be given the right to follow their religion and culture, but they must never be discriminated against on any basis except for their talent and eligibility. All are Equal because we all are made by GOD, for GOD, and of GOD. There should be no records maintaining any religious information of any individual in the Global Union.

I wish this thought of mine saves trillions of Euros annually for the entire world. I dedicate this thought to Queen Elizabeth II and my Nagulakonda dynasty. God bless All, All, Amen.

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