Brain Search!!

Our brain is only storage of our memories with a processing capability. Today I am proposing an idea, Brain Search. Every memory/ thought is a wave. Suppose we have an embedded chip in our cellphone which sends waves of different wavelengths targeting the person’s brain to receive the echo from the brain which contains one’s thoughts. So, a smartphone can read your brain by taking your brain dump into their servers. When we have a brain dump stored in our systems, we can easily search the Brain dump with the keywords we like. This is an advanced form of Search. I call it Brain Search. I hope I have made the life of our Police and Agents easy.

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Originally published at on October 2, 2022.



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Vasanth Kumar Nagulakonda

Virgo Libran born in Kovvur. Making The World a Better Place to Live for All. Passionate, Professional, & Perfectionist! Evolving Spiritual Scientist.