Climate Change is not a joke!

The current torrential rains and the floods across the Planet are the consequences of Climate Change. How do we avoid Climate Change? Simple! Encourage everything with e-, namely, e-Commerce/ e-Business, Electric-Vehicles, e-Workplace, and e-Governance. This will save us from burning fossil fuels. At the same time discourage anything that has no e-, for example, levy heavy duties on purchases made at physical stores and petrol/diesel vehicles along with petrol/diesel, and tax people who work/ visit at the office. This has to be done as early as possible.

e-Governance is the future. The government can be automated and become transparent with e-Governance. Check IBM.

Unfortunately, it is the common man who is suffering due to the consequences of Climate Change caused by the rich.

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Originally published at on August 24, 2021.

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