The 4 Vedas. Everyone is W.I.S.E.

Om Namo Venkatesaya!

Everything is Wave. (Tarang: masculine)
Everything is Information. (Sarada: feminine)
Everything is Space. (Akash: masculine)
Everything is Energy. (Shakti: feminine)

Wave is formed by the electron (Vishnu) and Positron (Lakshmi).

Sea indicates Waves.

Going deep into the subject. Anti-proton (Sarada) in the form of Information. Space-Time is formed by the proton (Brahma).

4 Heads of Lord Brahma indicate 4 Dimensional Space-Time.

Anti-neutron (Parvati) is a form of Energy. Neutron (Shiva) is a captured form of Energy (Parvati).

Parvati aka Shakti (Energy) and Shiva, a captured form of Energy.

Both, Shiva&Parvati, Vishnu&Lakshmi, and Brahma&Sarada are inseparable from each other. They co-exist with the masculine (matter) dominating the feminine (anti-matter).

These are 4 Vedas. Everything is created with Love by The Creators. Time is an illusion. Imagine if you are traveling at the speed of light then according to Einstein’s relativity theory your aging stops. Got me? We are simply traveling in Space-Time and experiencing Information with Waves from Energy.

I know many old monks will disapprove of my definition of Vedas. I remember the true meaning of Vedas. I used the word Vedas as a part of the ‘controversial’ marketing strategy. Now coming to the point, Vedas are like Software Requirements Specifications for The Multiverse created by The Creators, offsprings of Lord Vishwakarma. Lord Krishna is One of The Many Creators. The reason is Vishwakarma is The Oldest with a gray beard and Krishna is never seen with a beard. I started believing in many Creators because in September 2018 I heard voices from The Creators. Can anyone person construct a house? No, right!

Om Namo Venkatesaya!

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Vasanth Kumar Nagulakonda

Virgo Libran born in Kovvur. Making The World a Better Place to Live for All. Passionate, Professional, & Perfectionist! Evolving Spiritual Scientist.