The Best Bosses in my career!

Let me list down the best bosses in my career in chronological order below.

  • Srihari Babu Koppaka (The first and the last person who put his assuring palm on my back when I was in deep trauma and mental shock. He even promised to make me the next to him in his PacketWare.)
  • Srinivas Nallamottu (The one who pursued me by offering me the best offer of those times.)
  • Mallikharjuna Rao (The boss with whom I slept when I was under fear of seeing a ghost near a graveyard. Nothing was wrong because I felt he was like my father’s younger brother. He offered me a USD100k salary though I was not performing at work.)
  • Mallareddy Karra (He is the most forgiving of All my bosses. As I was gone mad, I felt my first love came to The USA and started staying in his home, so under that illusion, I misbehaved with his spouse. Still, he understood that I was innocent and spared me twice. He always offered me good food.)
  • Raghu Ponnapalli (I first met him at Sun Microsystems, Chelmsford. He is really cool and he also offered me a position in Xinthe just on a personal basis. I was happy to work for him and he never blamed me.)
  • Ahmad Kasmieh (He was the one who wanted me to marry her sister, Gehan. I miss Gehan and pray for her well-being.)
  • Mansoor Khan (My one and only boss from Pakistan. He used to take care of our Indian contractors very well.)
  • Anusheel Gupta (My PM at Infosys who trained me quite well and he even gave me free hand at work.)
  • Sridhar Panuganti (I bad-mouthed him at home due to hearing voices, still he spared me.)
  • Praveen Thakur (Didn’t forget the dinner I had at his home.)
  • Praveen Bhatia (I complained against him to top management but still he took care of me and he even had lunch at my home.)
  • Kiran Kumar Chintanippu (He is my classmate and one of my best friends.)
  • Mahalakshmi Iyer (My first lady boss and the best among all of them. She is down to earth and treated me with respect and love.)
  • Peter Haro (The best manager in my life.)
  • Mike Dunker (Will never forget him for his parties and good recommendations.)
  • Manthena Raju (He is very kind and generous. Misunderstanding parted us.)
  • Robert H Steele (He was the one who made me improve Fallov to this level. The way he mentored me silently was stunning.)

Lastly, I would apologize to All these bosses for misunderstanding them. Trust me, I kept them in the communication loop even while complaining against them due to misunderstanding and my then madness. Kindly forgive me for such a nuisance though naive.

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Originally published at on August 24, 2021.




Virgo Libran born in Kovvur. Making The World a Better Place to Live for All. Passionate, Professional, & Perfectionist! Evolving Spiritual Scientist.

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Vasanth Kumar Nagulakonda

Vasanth Kumar Nagulakonda

Virgo Libran born in Kovvur. Making The World a Better Place to Live for All. Passionate, Professional, & Perfectionist! Evolving Spiritual Scientist.

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