What is Brahma Gyan? Why do I think matter and anti-matter coexist?

Vasanth Kumar Nagulakonda
2 min readApr 4, 2017

GOD = Generator (Brahma) Operator (Vishnu) Destructor (Maheswara). = Proton Electron Neutron. = Atoms which make up Matter.

Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheswara are Men. = GOD is masculine. = Matter is male.

Lord Brahma (Proton) is married to Goddess Saraswathi (Anti-proton). Lord Vishnu (Electron) is married to Goddess Lakshmi (Positron). Lord Maheswara (Neutron) is married to Goddess Parvathi (Anti-neutron). = GOD is masculine. = Goddesses are feminine. = The antimatter particles corresponding to electrons, protons, and neutrons are called positrons (e+), antiprotons (p), and antineutrons (n); collectively, they are referred to as antiparticles. The electrical properties of antimatter are opposite to those of ordinary matter, the positron has a positive charge, and the antiproton has a negative charge; the antineutron, though electrically neutral, has a magnetic moment opposite in sign to that of the neutron. = Anti-matter is feminine. = Goddess is anti-matter. Lord Vishnu and Lord Maheswara are not harmed by Sesha [Snake], which indicates Death and Time. = Electrons and Neutrons cannot be destroyed. Goddess stays close to GOD. = GOD and Goddess are inseparable. = This means matter and anti-matter are so close to each other that they coexist, and the feminine anti-matter is dominated by masculine matter so powerfully that we see the only male matter, GOD. We rarely get a chance to see Goddess, anti-matter, which is proven by the fact that there are not many Rishis in Indian mythology who did tapa for a Goddess and had her live darshan. Separation of GOD and Goddess is a sin religiously and requires a lot of energy scientifically, which may even lead to destruction. = GOD cannot exist without Goddess. = Matter cannot exist without Anti-matter. See how great our Goddesses are, who is invisible, but still exist, to show us, GOD. That is the power of feminine nature. Respect women. There is a woman behind every successful man. This post is dedicated to my one and only lady boss at AT&T, San Ramon, from TechMahindra (Americas) Inc.

Read a scientific explanation of antimatter here- http://www.britannica.com/science/antimatter.

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