What is Soul? What is Life? My thoughts on Soul and Life.

I believe Life is an Input/ Output process that runs in the computing ecosystem called ‘Universe’ or ‘World’ similar to a software application running on a computer. DNA is the software application that runs in the ‘World’ or the ‘Universe’. So, Life is a process in the Universe, Nature’s Computer, with its DNA running as a software application processing Input/ Output information. That is why the Bhagavad Gita says “Jagat (Universe/ World) is Maya.” Even Albert Einstein quoted “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” The reason behind this conclusion is-

The soul cannot be destroyed. RNA cannot be destroyed. The soul is software. DNA is software. Software, RNA, or Soul cannot be pierced by a weapon, cannot be made wet with water, cannot be blown off by wind/air, and cannot be burnt by fire. Soul and RNA are one ten-thousandth part of the tip of our hair strand. [See http://www.bhagavad-gita.org/Gita/verse-02-20.html]. Also, see https://www.openbible.info/topics/your_soul and http://www.al-islam.org/resurrection-maad-quran-ayatullah-ibrahim-amini/soul-quran. Just like a running software application feels the computer as its real-world, our DNA believes what we feel in this unreal world as real. This theory might even explain ‘Everything is Information.’ Body (Hardware) is made up of matter (Maya/ Unreal) and is useless without the DNA (Software) which gives it life to live.

What we see, hear, smell, taste [eat], and feel is an Input to our DNA. Our reaction is an Output, which in turn is an Input to other lives. RNA is the Soul which is like a main program file of DNA, software of living being, which runs in this Universe. Creator must have used the Template Method design pattern while creating a Soul (RNA) and the living beings with a varied DNA extending RNA. The non-soul strands of DNA make us live the way we live and experience life. For example, ‘Eat’ is a common function of RNA/ Soul, similar to a Base Class in Object-Oriented Programming. The function ‘Eat’ is implemented in a Dog DNA and Human DNA differently, thus making them eat differently and relish food differently. Ultimately, every RNA/ Soul eats food based on the implementation of it in Derived DNA class. The Template Method in RNA is ‘Live’ which calls methods like See, Hear, Smell, Taste, Eat, Feel, Breathe, Think, etc which are implemented in a living being’s DNA derived from RNA. I believe these methods [See, Hear, Smell, Taste, Eat, Feel, Breathe, Think, etc] are like Threads in A Life Process. We All Humans are instances of Human DNA class with varied attributes of non-Soul RNA strands. We are living because our Life Process, an instance of DNA class, is running in the Universe, Nature’s Computer. What you are seeing and reading now is Information. Your device is made up of matter, which is Unreal/Maya that can be recycled into another device. This tells Universe is Maya and only Soul/Information is real for Soul cannot be destroyed. Our body made up of matter is transient and perishable, but our Soul is forever.

My other observation is the way living beings with intelligent Soul [RNA] behave or react in a similar pattern though not all living beings have a brain. Our human body is like hardware with a processor like a brain that runs our DNA software. So, it is the Soul which runs in Nature made by and of GOD. Our brain is just a processor. I see the five elements, namely, Air, Earth, Fire, Space, and Water, in our Universe have their own distinguished attributes, which make me feel that there is someone who programmed our Universe. This even explains REINCA-RNA-TION and Karma Theory.


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