Why do we need to make the Indian Rupee stronger? How?

  1. Politicians should remember “ Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” by not promising loan waivers to farmers every election time. Let the farmers start industries like Fruit juice brands themselves and make more money. Making our public self-reliant is more important. This bottom-up approach will make our economy stronger. MSP is a ruse to make Indian farmers depend on the Government of India. Let them produce their crop and sell wherever they like and at the best price. This kind of self-reliance will make them more responsible. I agree with a kind of universal insurance for farmers from the GoI will help all parties in case of calamities. The recent law allowing farmers to sell anywhere will help the farmers to sell online at e-Tailers like Flipkart/ Amazon/ Reliance and make more money.
  2. Stop buying cars that are imported. Thus saving foreign exchange and also increase your bank balance. This will save petrol and diesel which are imported using our foreign reserves. Ola has an option or capability of upgrading all their vehicles to LNG/ Hydrogen (futuristic).
  3. Stop buying gold too much because even gold is imported. Such purchase will only make corrupt politicians much richer for they have stored their gold in Swiss banks’ vaults.
  4. Stop migrating abroad and discourage brain drain as well as a current brain dump. Let our students and youth be guided by their teachers to be different and make something different useful to society. This kind of culture is more popular in the US of America. One doesn’t have to go to the US for being ‘ American’.
  5. Invite more FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) so that these financial institutes will ensure a strong rupee otherwise they will lose money during exit. For example, if a corporation has invested USD1 billion (INR72 billion, current exchange rate) and if the rupee depreciates to USD1 = INR90 then the investing corporation will lose USD200 million [USD1 billion — INR72 billion/90 = USD1 billion — USD800 million].
  6. Stop fighting with your neighbors like Indiots (Indian Patriots). Be good to your neighbors and stop wasting money on imports for defense. This is the way Pakistan is doing and we are constantly being fooled by them to waste our tax money on defense imports. Isn’t Kuwait safe? Isn’t Switzerland safe? The Britishers intentionally ensured us to be divided and conquered by creating India and Pakistan. Let us come out of this trap and make friendly investments in Pakistan. If I were the PM I would invest USD10 billion in Pakistan rather than wasting USD100 billion on our defense. We have to learn from The US and Canada on this matter. I don’t want any farmer or soldier to die because of calamity or war. Jai Kisan! Jai Jawan!! Jai Hind!!!



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Vasanth Kumar Nagulakonda

Vasanth Kumar Nagulakonda


Virgo Libran born in Kovvur. Making The World a Better Place to Live for All. Passionate, Professional, & Perfectionist! Evolving Spiritual Scientist.